Our L<3ve Story

My husband Soomin and I met dancing at Sutra’s in Newport Beach 7-years ago. He had some suave moves then, but I politely rejected his invitation to dance with a simple (and slightly rude), “Sorry, I don’t like Asians.” His comeback: “I’m not Asian,” although clearly he was and maybe a little too past his drinks to know the difference.

This is us! Soomin & Natalia <3

This is us! Soomin & Natalia ❤

He was persistent then as he is now when he wants something and involuntarily, I gave up my number, a land-line, who cares, it’s not like he was going to call me anyways.


We spoke on the phone a couple of times that same week, but I was heading off to Japan for a 6-month study abroad, so there was no commitment to hang out with the funny not cute Asian guy who picked me up at da club. Oh yes, we did MySpace, and exchanged emails, but 6-months is a long time for any young guy to wait upon a young girl who he meets only once while half-drunk for 5-minutes on a night out with the boys.


After spending 6-month swimming in a soup of Japanese people, something strange happened to my aesthetics of beauty: Asian guys were suddenly IRRESISTIBLE.

I got back around Christmas of that year and Soomin reached out, we went for a date (still didn’t think he was that cute, but definitely better than I remembered), but 10 points on personality and charm. We went out again, and then again, and by the 4th date he kissed me and I was hooked on his Koreanness.

Lot’s has happened in the love department since then of course, like, we got legally married in 2008 (I’m foreign, I was illegal, we loved each other – nuff said), we got engaged a-year-and-a-half later (translation: I got the gorgeous bling-a-ling on my finger), and we got married April 2nd, 2011…and after 2 long years of being officially husband and wife the time finally came to make a baby.


Our little baby Kim Jr. is due the first week of September! Unless of course the little half-asian ninja (who has already taken over the central control system of my body and dictates when I eat, sleep, use the potty, etc, etc, etc.) has some personal plan to exit sooner because she/he is on a mission to save the world – that could happen too.

We hope you join us in praying, commenting, sharing, and sending positive thoughts our way as we embark on this full-term healthy pregnancy (fingers crossed). I hope you take this journey with us because it might not be glamorous, but it will be glorious!

Hasta el proximo post…until the next post,

Natalia (& Soomin/husband/amazingness) Kim

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