5 Things Every Mom Should Be Doing

Before I was a mom, I would look at other people’s kids and think to myself “really, how hard can it be? Why are their mouths always covered in something?” Now, I joke with my mom friends that I’m THAT mom whose kid has a permanent smear of some sort: i.e: reminence of teething cracker […]

A Visit to the Newest Moms

I went to visit a friend today – a fellow new momma whose daughter was born a week ago. I see her little girl, small as a pea, and awe at the fact that once, a very short while ago, my daughter was her same size (minus one ounce), and I felt like she was […]

Holla to the Holo!

I saw this today via Pregnant Chicken and simply had to share. Every mommy-to-be should have this for the hot summer months! Meet the HOLO, a floaty with a hole for the belly, so you can tan face down on the pool, get a massage like a normal person instead of lying uncomfortably on your […]

Simply Sweet

Gloomy days are my favorite. They tend to make me a bit moody, a little sad, contemplative, and sluggish, but are great for getting into the writing mood. Some of my best work has come on rainy days, tea in hand, and indie music playing in the background. Can you relate? (I have to confess I […]

Toilette Seat Covers – Why I love the U.S.A.

I have a theory: Babies ‘R’ Us does not provide toilette seat covers in their restrooms because a mommy-in-a-hurry doesn’t have time for nit-pickeries. And even if she did, where does she put her baby while she takes out the cover and breaks the center portion from the outer lining that sits on the seat […]

My Top 5 and Why Goggles Are Cool

ONE) Because it’s not enough to have constant pain in your ribs, nightmares, and the need to pee every other minute, pregnancy comes with one more fun symptom: Heartburn. Oh heartburn. I had it my first trimester, got a break for two months in my second, and now, back for an encore – Heartburn! Luckily, […]

Let’s Debunk.

I saw this poster on FB a few days ago and couldn’t help but share: What are the truths and lies of pregnancy? Let’s debunk.  Let’s begin with the first BIG LIE (which is not on the poster) Lie – You’re pregnant for 9-months. It’s not 9-months people, it’s 10. Yep, 10. You’re pregnant for 40 […]