5 Things Every Mom Should Be Doing

Before I was a mom, I would look at other people’s kids and think to myself “really, how hard can it be? Why are their mouths always covered in something?” Now, I joke with my mom friends that I’m THAT mom whose kid has a permanent smear of some sort: i.e: reminence of teething cracker […]

Homemade Almond Milk

A fellow nursing momma told me her hubby liked his cereal with Breast Milk. Now, i’m all for BF past 12-months, but at 420-months it’s time to find an alternative. I think some homemade almond milk will taste just great with that cereal. To my friend who feeds her daughter AND hubby breast milk, this […]

Gluten-free Sprouted Chickpea Anti-Inflammatory FALAFELS

Today I made deliciously crispy anti-inflammatory gluten-free sprouted chickpea falafels [say that twice really fast bahaha] and I’m excited to share the recipe with you! You’ll get about 20 falafels which sounds like a lot but I almost ate all of them in one sitting (um I shouldn’t confess that should I?) so make them […]

5 Steps to Naturally Get Rid of Your Migraine NOW!

I have so much to say on this subject as I’ve suffered from migraines my entire life. This is the condensed version of what I originally wanted to post, but┬álike my husband says “less is more.” After 4 consecutive days of migraines last week, and another strong attack yesterday; with the resolve to STOP using […]

4 Reasons to Get Hooked On Sprouting

I just recently started sprouting. By recently I mean 4 days ago. I’m hooked! So I thought I’d share 4 reasons why you should do it too. Here’s a pic of this morning’s sprouted chickpea batch. 1) Sprouts are cute. Ok that’s not a legitimate reason but aren’t they? Besides being cute when you sprout […]

It’s No Use Crying Over Bland Pasta

Olive Hannah Kim is here. She was born Sept 14th at healthy 8.2lbs and 21″. She’s perfection in every way, and even though she’s kept me busy for the past two weeks since she arrived, and I haven’t had time to post anything on my blog for a while, I had a funny experience a […]