Early Second Trimester Migraines

Reading all these posts breaks my heart since I went through the same thing and was miserable. My baby girl is now 9-months and the migraines still come about once a week, but nothing like my second trimester. Here’s what’s worked for me: twice a week chiropractic care, coffee enemas on the onset of a headache/migraine (but I’m not sure these are safe to do while preggo I do them now that I’m not), take coconut water with added chlorophyl (this really helps as it’s Alkalanizing), drink one or two “green” juices that day (also Alkalanizing), drink tons and tons and tons of water that day, get an IV at the hospital (almost 99% of the time I had a migraine while preggo after one or two IV the migraine would go away so it could be dehydration or lack of nutrients), take a hot and cold shower where the water hits your head as you alternate the two extreme temps, and finally, get as much rest as you can. All these things combined are my go-to’s. I actually keep pedialite in the fridge and down about two of them when I get a migraine – this helps a lot. So sorry girls it’s so hard to be preggo or be a mom and have a migraine.

The Migraine Chronicles

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about chronic migraines and pregnancy in which I expressed my hopes that my migraines would get better as I entered the second trimester. So far, those hopes have not been realized. In fact, my migraines have been worse in the past two weeks than over the past two months combined. And, it seems I’m not alone.

Many of the pregnant women on the Whattoexpect.com forums who are (like me) due in October report suffering from debilitating migraines. Often reported statistics indicate that 50 to 90% of women with migraines experience an improvement in their migraine frequency and pain levels during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Apparently, neither I nor the other women in my forum group are included in this majority.

I have not had the chance to ask the other women who are reporting problems if they suffer…

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