5 Steps to Naturally Get Rid of Your Migraine NOW!


I have so much to say on this subject as I’ve suffered from migraines my entire life. This is the condensed version of what I originally wanted to post, but like my husband says “less is more.”

After 4 consecutive days of migraines last week, and another strong attack yesterday; with the resolve to STOP using prescription medication, I offer here my results in the form of 5 Steps to ELIMINATE your migraine NOW.

Just a note about pain: If you’re like me, and get the kind of migraines where you end up in the ER, I hope you’ll be encouraged to try this natural approach. On a pain scale from 1-10, I went from a 9 to a zero both times I tried what I’m about to share, and it worked. Last week it only took a few hours, yesterday it took all day, but I ended up completely pain-free without the use of heavy meds.

There are few things you’ll want to buy and keep at hand for when your migraine hits so you’ll be prepared:

Disposable Enemas…


Turmeric Powder…


and liquid chlorophyll…


The following things can be done in any order.

1) Coffee Enema:

I know this is completely TMI and I’m more ashamed to share this than you are to read it, but yes, if you’ve never done a coffee enema and you suffer from migraines, nows the time to try them. If this sounds absolutely hilarious to you Google it, there’s so much resource on this subject it’s amazing. Last week I only had to do 1 to get positive results, today I had to do 2 (one in the morning and one at night). You can do up to 5 in one day until you find relief.

How to: Make a cup of coffee. Wait for it to cool. Empty the saline from the disposable enema and fill the container with the “luke warm” coffee. Lay on towel in a side position and insert the enema tip into your “behind.” Leave the coffee inside for at least 20-30mins. Resist the urge to go to the bathroom until time is up. Wait at least an hour between enemas, repeat if needed.

Side position

Side position

**If you are pregnant do not do the enemas, it could lead to miscarriage.

2) Alkaline foods and beverages:

Throughout the day fill up with green smoothies, *Green Water, veggie broth, and TONS of water with lemon and chlorophyll (the chlorophyll helps to bind toxins released with the enema so it’s important to drink it if you’ve done the enema).  The idea is to fill up with alkalinizing foods and beverages to lower acidity in the body. This makes sense because acidity causes inflammation and migraines are an inflammatory disorder.

Break the Fast *Green Water: In a blender mix 1/2 a cucumber, a few mint leaves, 1 Tbsp Chlorophyll, and as much fresh water and ice as you’d like. You can also add lemon. Here’s a Green Smoothie recipe you can try:


Green Smoothie

3) Hot/Cold Therapy:

Stand in the shower and alternate hot water and cold water over your head and face. Do this for 10-15 minutes.

Option: Place feet and hands in HOT water and ICE on neck.

Option: Place feet and hands in HOT water and ICE on neck.

4) Turmeric:

Sprinkle Turmeric on all your meals and drink Turmeric Tea throughout the day. Turmeric helps with inflammation.

5) Sleep:

One of the most important things you can do when you have a migraine is rest and if possible sleep. Try not to read, watch TV, or play on your “devices” so that you may rest your eyes. When you do, make sure you have socks on and are well covered to keep your body warm, and place and ice bag on your neck and on your head or over your affected side to keep your head cold. 

I documented everything I did in the hopes that you will also find the relief I did by trying these simple steps. I would love to hear your feedback so please comment below with any questions or success stories!


If you read this and suffer from migraines, I literally feel your pain. Some other things I’ve begun to do are tongue scraping, dry brushing, and oil pulling as daily detox practices, along with an almost daily morning yoga practice, and weekly Reiki and Acupuncture visits. Chiropractic adjustments make their way in there occasionally and so do walks on the beach barefoot to activate important pressure points in the feet. I also use essential oils like Eucalyptus, Roman Chamomile, Clove Oil, and Lavender on my forehead and neck throughout the day when I get a migraine, brush these into my hair/head, and massage the affected areas and known migraine pressure points. Prayer and intention are a big part of healing and those are present too, as well as a super complete supplement regime with Usana Health Sciences. I guess you could say I do it all, but hey, when you’re desperate you’ll do anything right?!

3 thoughts on “5 Steps to Naturally Get Rid of Your Migraine NOW!

  1. Great than you found a treatment regime that works for you. I’ve never been able to abort an acute migraine. I require sleep after taking medicine to recover over the worst and feel groggy for one-day afterwards.

    I focus on prevention. I do this by keeping a detailed diary. Over time I’ve learnt about my individual condition and reduced my attacks from 4 per month to around 4 per year.

    • Wow! That’s amazing. I’m working on prevention now too. I’ve always just treated the problem with prescription drugs, but now that I’m a nursing mother I hate taking drugs for fear of how it may affect my breastmilk and baby. You’re the second person who mentions keeping a diary, but I’m not sure what to write in it. Do you keep track of all meals every single day? Or just the days around a migraine attack? Thanks for your comment I look forward to reading your blog and I’d be curious to know if you do get a migraine if my treatment works for you. I had another one yesterday, I did everything I wrote on my post and woke up pain free (did another enema this morning and had a green smoothie which helped get rid of the lingering pain). I’m sure I’ll hear from you soon!

      • When I was 1st told about diaries I said “pfftt’. How will that help. I already know my triggers” I had that attitude for over 10 years.

        But now I track every day – but I don’t track meals, rather I certain known trigger foods. These are all individual. But for me it’s things like gluten, soy, sulfites, nitrates etc. As well as other important triggers for me like sleep, stress.

        Many diaries I find only ask you to track around your migraine attack. Most diaries are free. I didn’t find them as useful as my own. Only recording around the migraine days was the last thing I wanted to do with a migraine. And I couldn’t keep it up.

        The diary I use tracks every other time. Its the opposite to most. You record your attack once they have past. And the good days are just as important in determining your triggers as the bad days. It also provides a personal evidence based report on what you have recorded. And it identifies your triggers for you.

        I’m trailing it with a small group of migraineurs at the moment. Its free for first 2 months. Have a look around at other diaries first. If your interested in ours, you can see more migrainepal.com

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