4 Reasons to Get Hooked On Sprouting

I just recently started sprouting. By recently I mean 4 days ago. I’m hooked! So I thought I’d share 4 reasons why you should do it too. Here’s a pic of this morning’s sprouted chickpea batch. 1) Sprouts are cute. Ok that’s not a legitimate reason but aren’t they? Besides being cute when you sprout your grains and beans you increase their nutritional value. Like a vitamin boost!

2) There’s an increase in protein content. Protein feeds our muscles and our brain – yum.

3) Essential Fatty Acid boost which are the building blocks of the body, are not produced by our body so we get them from food, and help fight depression and cancer.

4) Lastly, no gas! You are no longer eating a “grain” but a tiny growing “plant” and plants are easier to digest. So, if beans make you gassy (um TMI but this is the main reason why i’m sprouting) try sprouting them and save your friendships!

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