Boobie Bitting

This is my first attempt at blogging via iPhone. It’s either this and some grammatical errors and possible unsolicited auto-corrections, or nothing. And, since I have a lot to say, “nothing” is out of the question.

Onto the subject in question, Olive bit my boob. More specifically, my nipple. And yes, it hurt. A. Lot. She’s just a baby and, although you’d think she’s completely clueless about what she did, she’s not. 5-month-olds are more calculated and aware than some adults I know. She was intentional: Mom, my gums hurt. Ouch! Ouch! Chump! – followed by grouchy face and grunt.

So, I took action. And because I’m SURROUNDED by teething babes, hopefully this will help some other boob…I mean, mother, out there.

5 things you can do NOW to help your baby while teething:

1) Rub their gums with your finger – easy. If you see them react positively to this its a good sign your LO is teething and you can move on to the next steps.

2) Courtesy of my friend Britt: make some watered-down chamomille tea, soak little cloth towlettes, freeze, and administer to screaming child. This is a good temporary “cure” and also keeps them busy.

3) On a similar note, courtesy of my friend Hannah: always keep a paci in the freezer and hand them one when you notice discomfort.

4) Buy or make some teething oil. Luckily for us OC residents, Granola Babies in CM makes it at their store for about $10. They also sell it online and makes for a thoughtful baby shower gift. This blend of Clove Oil and Roman Chamomile goes on their jaw-line and on the bottom of feet (I usually do it at night after bath and massage and then cover with socks). It’s worked GREAT for my baby.

5) Invest in an Amber Necklace. had some on sale today along with a clear explanation on how and why they work (which I will add on a separate post since it’s quite long). Granola Babies also sells them at their store. Olive wears hers around her neck during the day, and around her ankle at night covered by her sock so she can’t ever yank it off. The basics of it is that the amber secrets an anti-inflammatory oil – super cool hippie stuff I live for.

If all this fails just give them your boob and let them bite it. Not! Do you have any tips for teething? Share, share, share!

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