Simply Sweet

Gloomy days are my favorite. They tend to make me a bit moody, a little sad, contemplative, and sluggish, but are great for getting into the writing mood. Some of my best work has come on rainy days, tea in hand, and indie music playing in the background. Can you relate?

Valrhona Le Noir 56% Cacao. Bought it at Trader Joes!

Valrhona Le Noir 56% Cacao. Bought it at Trader Joes!

(I have to confess I ate a small bar of 56% dark chocolate before 10am today – oops. And, I’m currently playing the Sarah Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson’s station on my Pandora App. I finally gave in to their monthly membership and it’s probably the BEST $4 bucks I spend all month. Some people do Starbucks, I do Pandora.)

I’m actually feeling quite content today. I can’t help but fall in love with my belly even more every day as it grows and expands and takes over…well…my whole room.

Being pregnant has been amazingly rough and amazingly amazing. Its the best way I can describe it since the word AMAZING says it all. It has the word maze hidden shyish between the a and the zing. And, I find it so true that between the first letter of the alphabet — A — the Alpha, the beginning of any adventure and love story, and the last letter — Z — the final firework, the ultimate excitement and zing, there’s a maze we must travel through, and its intricate. Pregnancy has definitely had it’s a’s, b’s, c’s, d’s, x’s, y’s and already some z’s…and we’re so looking forward to that big moment of excitement when we meet the little love of our lives. Only about 2 months away. Amazing.

(Gosh I love this song! “Can’t Help Falling In Love” cover by Ingrid Michaelson)

On another note, on these sultry days I wish I had unlimited access to calorie-free cake and tea. I should buy an electric tea pot eh? Who’s with me? I did have an amazing tasting at Simply Sweet Cakery in Costa Mesa as I searched for the perfect baby shower cake. Their cakes were moist and very tasty, and the way they run their business if very professional. I loved their office/bakery, it’s quaint, decorated beautifully, the kitchen is huge, and everything was clean and organized.

Simply Sweet Cakery Office

Simply Sweet Cakery Office

They also have the cutest display at the entrance that really highlights their style –

I love the shabby chic style, so pretty and clean

I love the shabby chic style, so pretty and clean

I can’t wait to eat their cake at the shower – can you guess what flavor we chose? When I say “we” I mean baby and I. She’s already very opinionated. If you can guess I’ll save you piece!

Alright, time to get some work done, exercise, visit Target, Costco, and Sprouts, and give my husband some more kisses. Till the next post…

Over and out.

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