My Top 5 and Why Goggles Are Cool

Calcium Chews, Perfume, Sunblock, Tummy Butter, and Night Cream

Calcium Chews, Perfume, Alba Sunblock, Tummy Butter, and Night Renewal Creme

ONE) Because it’s not enough to have constant pain in your ribs, nightmares, and the need to pee every other minute, pregnancy comes with one more fun symptom: Heartburn. Oh heartburn. I had it my first trimester, got a break for two months in my second, and now, back for an encore – Heartburn! Luckily, I have Active Calcium Chewable tablets from Usana Health Sciences to save my throat. Cannot live without these.

TWO) At least the pregnant woman smells delicious thanks to her adorable husband who got her her first Mother’s Day gift – too sweet. I’m not complete without a little spritz.

THREE) Paraben-free, all natural, spf-15, coconut oil sunscreen from Alba Botanica – Obsessed! I love the smell, it goes on dry, it’s non-greasy, and allows for some sun to still come through so I get my vitamin-D.

FOUR) Bella B Tummy Honey Stick has so far been effective against stretch marks and itchiness. I love the smell, it’s made of 100% organic ingredients, and rolls on smooth. Hoping as the belly gets bigger it’ll still continue to work as well as it has.

FIVE) My mom always said it was important to take care of your skin, especially at night. She never gave me a scientific explanation, but as an adult, I found out why – your skin repairs itself at night! This Night Renewal Creme is made of botanicals, smells amazing, is self-preserving, goes on smooth and not too thick, and definitely keeps my skin elastic, yet firm. Love, love, love.

Alright, those are my Top 5 must-have’s of the moment. Now, I have to add three more bonus items to my list, but first – a picture:

Goggles are cool

Goggles are cool

I know, my eyes look funny, I look slightly evil, and somewhat manly, but I had to share my dedication to KEEP MOVING regardless of the stage of pregnancy that I’m in.

Lately, it’s been a little harder to walk my usual 2-3 miles. After about a mile I start getting lower belly pain and discomfort, which totally bums me out, so I had to find a solution. Lucky for me it’s summer and our pool is nice and warm, so I decided to gear-up and swim.

With that in mind, my three bonus must-haves of the moment are:

ONE) Goggles. I got these great Speedo ones for $10!

TWO) A Swim Cap. This one is by TYR and it’s silicone. I chose silicone instead of latex because it’s slightly more durable and it doesn’t pull and cause hair breakage. So far it’s worked semi-well at keeping my hair dry while I swim — mind you I haven’t done a full submerge yet — but at least this way if I swim daily I don’t have to wash my hair every day, because girls, you know what that’s like.

THREE) A Kick Board. I mostly want to work my legs while I swim to help strengthen and open my birthing muscles (Yep – froggy style). I’ve been swimming the last three days and it feels so good to be weightless. This morning I did a really intense yoga class with Fiji on I had to constantly modify, so I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, but they have tons of free-streaming online classes to pick from. After Yoga, I swam and played basketball in the pool with my hubby for about 30-mins, it’s definitely a workout because my inner thigh muscles have been talking to me all day saying, good job momma!

I’ll be 30-weeks this Saturday, my-oh-my how time flies. 10-weeks and counting. Over and out.

2 thoughts on “My Top 5 and Why Goggles Are Cool

  1. I love this picture in the goggles! And I can’t wait to try out that yoga website:) As a mom, it is hard to get away sometimes to take a class…I’m trying it out this week!

    • Thanks Chrissy! You’ll love because there’s tons of options, even 10-minute videos, for every level. I’m glad I found and have it in my back pocket, so that once the little bugger is taking her 10-15 minute power-naps, this new mommy can schedule in some Yoga (or sleep, or a shower, or eating, or laundry, or a kiss for her husband *wink*). Thanks for leaving a comment!

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