Let’s Debunk.

970229_513866805333408_1373796670_nI saw this poster on FB a few days ago and couldn’t help but share:

What are the truths and lies of pregnancy? Let’s debunk. 

Let’s begin with the first BIG LIE (which is not on the poster)

Lie – You’re pregnant for 9-months. It’s not 9-months people, it’s 10. Yep, 10. You’re pregnant for 40 weeks. 4 weeks in a month, 4×10 = 40. that’s 10 months. Who came up with this 9 bit?

Going down the list:

1) Lie – You’re glowing: This is only partially true. There are those magical days when you’ve had time to do your hair, perfect the quantity of mascara that goes on your lashes and curl them just right, pick the most slimming outfit, and rest enough to “look” rested; and on those days yes, us pregnant women GLOW. But, for the most part, we just sweat.

2) Lie – After your first trimester your morning sickness disappears: I would say the Truth column is way more accurate, starting with my own experience. For about 5-months I had nausea, felt overtaken by a flu-like feeling, and had constant migraines. I asked myself in tears sometimes – do I have to do this again in my lifetime? After about month 5 I started feeling better, and now that I’m in month 7 (third trimester) I get heartburn all the time and horrible fatigue! A 2-month break. Not enough time. I have a close friend who didn’t start her “morning sickness” until her third trimester, and poor girl was not just sick in the mornings (another BIG LIE) she was sick ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT! Man-oh-man, why do they tell us lies?!

3) Lie – You don’t even look pregnant from the back: Ha! Seriously, I know there are women who look pristine for 10-months, their weight is the same if weighed sans baby, and never complain about anything being “off,” but those women are aliens and should be sent back to their planets. And, when they arrive, they’ll see the rest of us pregnant chicks from space and hopefully sympathize.

4) Lie – It all becomes real when you feel that first kick: Well, it is freaky, but there is truth in the lie. It’s the most unbelievable feeling in the world to have another heart-pumping human person rolling around inside you like it’s no big deal – it makes it all so definitely real.

5) Lie – once your baby is born you will totally forget the pain of labor. I can’t comment on this one because I’m not there yet. However, I’m hoping all my HypnoBabies training will prove this one wrong. But, for all the mom’s out there who have experienced this pain, it’s a “Lie! Lie! Lie!” they will never forget the feeling of their guts being twisted inside-out – or so I hear.

6) Lie – The baby weight will melt off once you start breastfeeding. There’s no denying the Truth here – Yes, as long as you also stop eating! I can’t speak for this one yet since I’m still pregnant, but all I know is that if healthy-eating is not a lifestyle, and if you go into your pregnancy with a free-pass to eat whatever you like, it only reinforces bad habits that are undeniably hard to break after the fact. I’m not perfect by any means; I’ve struggled my whole life with self-image, staying in shape, binge eating, and yo-yo dieting, like many other women do, but coming into this pregnancy I realized that I’m a lot healthier than I thought I was, and I have the good habit of loving exercise. So, even with all my previous struggles I’ve tried to stay consistent and positive, with some wiggle room for dark chocolate of course. As for coming out of this pregnancy, I can only hope to continue my healthy lifestyle. Will I do a good job of taking the weight off? Only time will tell. It took one of my friends a whole year to take it off, but I’m cool with that, it takes us 10 months to put it on. And my last ramble on this subject is that I also strongly believe it’s all about choices, you either choose to let the weight scare you, or you scare away the weight with good daily choices.

So there you have it. A few of the many lie’s debunked. There’s plenty of other lie’s about pregnancy that need debunking though, so if you have one to expose, please share your TRUTH below. Women need to know what’s up before they get into this, it’s great birth-control for mischiefs, and very liberating for us preggo girls to find out the truth instead of living in a lie.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Debunk.

  1. Oh, and let me tell you that for the second pregnancy, the lies are even bigger lies! The one bit it’s not a lie is about the birth pain: for both I completely forgot about it and as soon as it all finished (as in baby was born), I was missing the whole experience. Ok, maybe the epidural had a little effect even the 2nd time, but I was in a lot of pain before having it and I can’t remember it being that bad. One big truth about being a mother is that your memory is gone!!!
    About the breastfeeding vs baby weight, I do have some friends that lost LOADS of weight (even more than just the baby weight), but because they didn’t have time to eat – I eat and I eat well. I still have the baby weight from the FIRST pregnancy. 😦
    Not long now, uh? 🙂

    • I have heard of mommy-brain and if it’s anything close to my pregnancy-brain I’m doomed! I already forget what I was doing a minute earlier. About the birth pain, well, I’ll have to wait and see what my experience is, since I’m using the HypnoBabies technique. Also, I do know a gal who lost a ton of weight even beyond her regular weight through breastfeeding, but i’m not sure what she did, maybe she didn’t have time to eat either…I like to eat well too 🙂

  2. I heard I was glowing so much that I doubted it’s truth…I started to believe that’s what people just said to make big ol preggo (me) feel good about my body and process! But thank you all you white-liars! It helped!

    Oh and morning (all-day) sickness was worse in the 1st trimester, but definitely had discomfort all throughout my pregs! Especially with the heat and food, ie: seaweed (I had to stop eating my favorite salad at work—the sea salad) boo.

    • Kristine – I’ve heard to glowing thing too much too – but let those positive comments keep on coming so I can feel good about that climbing scale right?! I haven’t had morning sickness (thank goodness!), but I’ve had terrible heartburn the past few weeks and everything wants to come back up after I eat. The one thing I’m dealing with right now is this horrible pain in my right ribs towards my upper back, going to get a massage hopefully this week, and get some Reiki done to ease the aches! How many kids do you have?

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