7 months – A baby GIRL is on her way.

27 week belly

27 week belly

I haven’t written for quite a while. Life accelerates and sometimes we disconnect. It’s time to plug back in.

I’ll be 28 weeks this Saturday which means my third trimester is officially underway. It’s hard to believe I’ll be holding my little GIRL in about three months – wow! I’m still teaching 10 yoga classes a week, making homemade meals, taking walks by the beach, writing for LivingFitOC, and dedicated to my HypnoBabies training with my Doula Lorraine Shorman.

I feel like I’m doing everything I should to prepare for my baby’s birth, but I know the moment will take me and DH by complete surprise and will be magical and spotaneous in its own right.

So far I’m really in love with HypnoBabies, it’s so positive, clear, and persuasive! I can’t help but watch this one YouTube HypnoBabies birth over and over and think to myself – Heck yeah! (OMG, I never talk like that, but my inner supermom-to-be does). I especially like that Mariah’s husband starts the show with “It’s just like the movies.”

I’m sure it is: all quite on the set, a baby girl is on her way.

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