Baby Kim has been very demanding on me the last few days. She doesn’t just want me to rest, she wants me to sleep 10-hours at night plus 3-hours during the day. She doesn’t just want me to eat, it has to be what she wants when she wants it and when she gets hungry I better be ready. I’ve been fighting on and off headaches and I can definitely feel this pregnancy taking shape inside me now that we’re at seven weeks.

Because of the hospital episode with the migraine I’m trying to be proactive with headaches and catch them before they evolve into something worst. I’m not a huge fan of medication but I figure 1,000 mg of Tylenol is better than a Morphine shot any day.

Today I started off with the Tylenol, by 10am headache was in full effect so I grabbed and ice pack and went back to bed. By noon I wasn’t hungry, but realized I need to eat something every 3-hours to stay energized and keep the headaches at bay…so I heated up some yummy chicken soup I made the night before and immediately felt a bit better. I fell asleep right after and woke up almost pain free!

Interestingly enough, baby Kim had a very specific request as I opened my eyes, she wanted my version of “Vuelve a la Vida.”

VUELVE A LA VIDA: On the beaches of Venezuela, where I’m from, vendors walk past you all day offering empanadas, tanning oils, hand-made jewelry, and magic potions. Among these magic potions is the “Vuelve a la Vida,” which translates to “Come Back to Life” and it consists of various seafood with lemon, and spices, and promises to do just what the title says – bring you back from a hangover, a sickness, a weakness, and get you to live again.

Here’s my version of a potion that will bring you back to life:

3 lemons (I used 2 Lemons and 1 Lime)

3 Teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar (It has to be ACV because of the probiotic content)

3 Tablespoons Honey (I used Raw honey because I believe it can cure anything!)

Water and Ice to taste – If you use more water you can make a whole pitcher of this and drink it throughout the day. The lemon and ACV help to bring alkalinity to the body (which helps reduce inflammation), and plenty of probiotics (from the ACV).  I made this into one strong serving and drank the whole thing like medicine.

Elixir of Life - my version of Vuelve a la Vida

Elixir of Life – my version of Vuelve a la Vida or Come Back to Life

It’s interested that this is what Baby Kim wanted. She is definitely her mother’s daughter already (Oh, yeah, I still don’t know if it’s a girl/boy, but I like pretending it’s a girl). And, by how good I feel right now, I can tell she’s wise beyond her millimiters.

Ps – If you’re having a hard time going to the bathroom, as I read a lot of mom’s are experiencing at this time of their pregnancy, just drink this – it makes all the juices flow!

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