Migraine and Meditation

Thank goodness last week is done. I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday battling a migraine that no amount of Tylenol in this world could ease.

I’m sad to say it was a trigger migraine which started after an argument with DH. I hate fighting with him as much as he hates fighting with me, and thankfully we argue very few times during the year and usually for insignificant things which get resolved quickly with hugs and kisses. But, an overly hormonal wife was to blame for the argument, and so I paid the consequence.

SIDE NOTE: A Migraine is an intensified headache sometimes accompanied by naseau, dizziness, and sensitivity to light. It tends to be more localized and sharp as opposed to a general throbbing pain. A lot of people get headaches; migraines are still common, but less people suffer from these.

I’ve had migraines since I was five. I didn’t make up that number, my parents told me. It runs in my family, which is a bummer, and I pray that my kids DO NOT inherit these from me.

Steps to take…

(Step ZERO is to take medication but since I’m pregnant that step is X’ed out, Tylenol just doesn’t work for me)

1) Drink water with lemon

2) Eat a banana (sometimes the extra potassium makes me feel better)

3) Have a cup of green tea or a little bit of coffee (with caffeine) or a Coke – I’m not a soda drinker, but I’m also not a coffee drinker, so I usually have a Coke when a headache starts.

4) Get an ice pack on your forehead and neck

5) Take a shower if you’re feeling overheated and alternate hot and cold water on your head

6) Listen to a calming meditation, I found this one online and LOVED it!

Healing Meditation by Kelly Howell

Healing Meditation by Kelly Howell

7) Rest, rest, rest, sleep, sleep, sleep

8) Keep feet and hands warm – this recommendation is from my acupuncturist

9) Have DH give you a little rub on your head and temples with some menthol oil or Eucalyptus oil.

10) If all else fails call your doc and get a shot. I know, I really wish I could have gotten through it without one, but after 2 nights and 3 days of absolute torture I had no choice. So Sunday morning DH took me to the hospital and they gave me a shot of what I believe was Morphine although they said it was something less “strong.”


11) GET REIKI! Thanks goodness for my friend Isabel who came to the rescue, because by Sunday at 6pm I was still not 100% even after the shot. She came over and did about an hour of Reiki, the relief was noticeable and not only did my appetite come back, I was able to rest peacefully and wake up refreshed.

Hope this helps if any other mommy’s go through the same thing!

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