It’s a girl! And how Apple Cider Vinegar saved my life.

Well, I don’t really know if it’s a girl yet, I’m only five weeks and one day in, but my friend’s mom had a dream last night that I was having one, so I just made the decision that it is so. On our last try when I had the MC, I was CONVINCED it was a boy; I had visions, dreams, and a handful of boy names picked out, including Isaiah, Noah November Kim (I just liked the sound of it, but I know no one else would dig it), Sacha, Dylan, Antony…all names I like…but this time I feel different, I feel more, well, PINK.

Funny enough I texted my friend’s mom to ask her about the dream and she replied “Don’t go buying pink. The dreams are not always right…” but I’ve had a dream of being a mom for so long, and it is right this time, I just know it is, pink, blue, yellow, purple, whatever it is as long as it’s healthy and happy and popping out in 8 months all is good!

So, now I have to come up with GIRL NAMES, just in case. Here’s a few, what do you think?

– Isabella, or Isabel Kim (This one’s for the DH)

– Camille Kim

– Cosette Kim (I can’t help it, just watch Les Mes movie and loved it)

– Abella Kim

– Penelope Kim

– Avila Mint Kim (I know, I know, I know, what can I say I have interesting taste in names, plus I think it sounds like a movie star kind of name…whatever, we don’t all have to agree, I’m just fantasizing anyways)

That’s all I got for now.

Oh, I was sick for two days with a terrible chest cold, and I didn’t want to take any over-the-counter stuff because I’m in my first trimester and i’ve read tons of warnings about taking anything at this crucial growing time for the little seed. So, I broke the rules and told one of my close friends I was preggo, because I know she had a midwife with her last baby and I knew she would have some trick or two up her sleeve. Indeed!

She said to add Apple Cider Vinegar (a teaspoon or two) to my warm lemon water because that’s what her midwife told her to do when she was sick. So I did! I really think it was the ACV that got me better so fast. I literally had two full glasses of hot water with lemon and ACV before bed and woke up feeling much better. I did crack and have 250 ml of Tylenol because my temp kept going up, but my body’s not achey today and I definitely have more energy. So ACV is it!

ACV + Lemon + hot water = perfect sickness combating natural remedy

ACV + Lemon + hot water = perfect sickness combating natural remedy

2 thoughts on “It’s a girl! And how Apple Cider Vinegar saved my life.

    • I’m so happy you like Isabel, and Avila Mint! Piper Beatrix is beautiful and fun. I love names that have X in them. I’ll have to look into some X-containing names for future baby Kim. Congrats on your pregnancy – yay!

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