Sunday chaos

Not sure if I’m looking forward to that part of it all, but I guess it’s part of the #babybumpblessings at this point 😉

Miss Lazy has two babies

It’s impressive how 1 hour of play can leave the house a complete mess! Laura wanted to speak to my mum on Skype just so grandma could watch her drawing and playing. My mum was in the pool – it’s summer and very hot in Brazil at the moment – so Laura decided she also wanted to have her swimming pool. Since she can’t have one with water, we set up the balls one.

The “Before” shot was how the living room was when party was over – 55 minutes of Skyping with my mum. The “After” shot was how it is looking now that Laura and daddy are in bed and mummy here decided to clear the mess for tomorrow. Mind you: I didn’t clean the house, it’s quite dirty and I’ hoping the cleaner will show up tomorrow!

P.S.: Christmas decorations are finally down and we have a…

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2 thoughts on “Sunday chaos

  1. Congratulations on the secret news! Don’t worry about being prepared, nothing prepares you for the big life changing event you will go through. Everything is new, crazy, amazing – you will love even the hard moments.

    P.S.: I’m also pregnant (2nd child – not prepared for that either!), but it isn’t a secret anymore.

    • MissLazyHasABaby – Thank you so much for your “congratulations!” I’m so excited/nervous/amazed I can barely think of anything else. Congrats on your #2! Wow, I can’t even imagine how excited you must be. One of my good friends just had her #2 yesterday, a girl, and she’s overjoyed. I’m hoping for a girl, at first I thought I wanted a boy, but the moment I say “girl” my husbands eyes light up, so I think a girl would be amazing. Thanks for your encouragement and I’m sure you’ll hear lot’s more about my journey in the next couple of months!

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