Just took my temperature: 99.3

I’m so sensitive to any changes in my body (thus why I found out two weeks before my period that I was pregnant – and for those who didn’t read the last post, I have a 50-60 day cycle instead of 28-30 day so results showed faintly early on) and I knew something was up the minute I went to sleep last night.

Asian Pear Brew

Asian Pear Brew

I texted my acupuncturist Dr. Lee who said to make a brew of Asian Pear, water, honey, and lemon. It was too late to head to the store and get lemons so I just mixed the Asian Pears with honey into some hot water, let it boil, then simmer covered for 10 mins. I then let it sit for a while (heat off) to continue steaming and softening the fruit. Afte it was soft I blended everything together and drank it. I think the lemon would be a great addition so I’ll have my husband go out and get some soon since it’s pretty much the only “natural” thing I’ve found that you can take safely when you’re sick.

I did take 500 ml of Tylenol, which I know is safe, and my doctor said you can take up to 4,000 ml a day (which seems like so much!) and my friend said Mucinex and Benadryl are also OK to take if necessary.

I emailed my homeopathic doctor back home, and I’m waiting for her response, I’m sure she’ll have a suggestion as well. I normally take Cold Calm by Boiron (a brand I love and trust), but the message boards said NOT to take it because it contains Belladona (in it’s homeopathic form) which can be unsafe…we don’t want any of that now do we?! We’re just getting started!

I’m trying to stay in bed, get enough rest, and stay hydrated. Instinctively, I woke up this morning wanting OJ. I never drink it, so I thought it was probably my body asking for some vitamin-C. I made a freshly squeezed juice with a few tiny oranges we had lying around, and gulped down the whole thing — Stay refreshed mommies!

Juice it up!

Juice it up!

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